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Hey Guys & Gals,
Is there a site that I can use to figure out my cadence from using wheel size and gearing on the wheel/crank etc.
I know my speed is between 10 - 15 mph, accurate via a good GPS, where I normally pedal at,
using the 17T to 23T gears.
Bike tire size measures at 31.5" diameter.
The tooth count is as follows,
Big main peddle gear = 44T
Big gear on back sprocket =34
next smaller = 30
next smaller =26
next smaller =23
next smaller =20
next smaller =17
next smaller = 15
last smaller =11

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just get a cheap bike computer with cadences about 20.00 it will make life far easier. or buy a good one but they are pretty cheap. or if your using a phone you can get a bluetooth cadence sensor and maybe hook it to a app.
I simply fixed an old wristwatch to my handle bar, after retrieving it from my grandson who had been playing with it for months. I had to use a short piece of pipe insulation to get it to grip adequately on the handlebar. Then I waited for the zero minute to come up, and pedaled for one minute, counting my pedal strokes as I rode. Turns out my natural (feels right) pedaling cadence is 70 rpm. I try to do that same cadence regardless of the gear I'm in or the PAS level. In fact, I change gears or PAS to allow me to do that 70 rpm. It helps that I've internalized that rhythm so I can be pretty consistent with it.

Maybe there's something I don't understand about your question. I'm not sure why you need to know your cadence for each gear. Shouldn't your pedaling cadence be YOUR input, not the bike's output, or whatever?

I have also made these determinations: in PAS 1 (my usual assist level) I do about 11 mph at 70 rpm cadence in 3rd gear; in 4th gear, I do 13-14 mph, depending on how steep the grade is. In 5th gear, I'm at about 16 mph, etc. This is with an IGH (7 speed Shimano Nexus), by the way, so counting teeth on cogs would be meaningless.
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Go to Sheldon Brown Bicycle Gear Calculator. I use it almost daily.