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Really looking forward to getting the Foot loose into the shop. Was excited about this bike since the rep showed up one evening at closing and spent a couple of hours putting it through it's paces and looking at all the details, at least what you could see.
A real departure from other manufactures offerings the Mando would not be considered a bicycle by many due to the fact that although it has pedals there is no chain or mechanical connection between the crank and the wheels. Best described as a two wheeled electric vehicle the riders input is transmitted to the hub motor by wire. The pedals operate a generator which distributes the power to the battery and determines the amount of force required depending on user selection. Imagine going up a hill and the amount of force remains the same, a surreal sensation to say the least. Of course there is also a throttle.
But the most stunning thing was the styling. Clean is an understatement, no cables, wires, battery or other distractions are visible. I was ready to call Scotty to beam me up. This thing really looks like it came from the future, right down to the trick pedal mounted kickstand. And despite its frail looks it felt stable and secure, at least in the non folding model we tried.
Now for the bad with a claimed range in the teens this thing is not for the road warrior. Being a purely electric vehicle when the battery shuts down you got an awfully nice looking paperweight. With everything covered up under that pretty skin maintenance may pose some challenges too.
With all that said I can imagine an executive or fashion model commuting past the traffic jams and proudly displaying it their office. This thing will really turn heads it sure did my old jaded noggin. Check out the link below and at our shop when it hits the floor later this month.
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That's an interesting thing.. wouldn't be legal in Australia unfortunately
Yes, the force remains the same measly maximum 250 W no matter how hard you pedal. That's not a plus. The design is stupid.
Yes, the force remains the same measly maximum 250 W no matter how hard you pedal. That's not a plus. The design is stupid.
Not for me either. Just saying something new and seems well designed by an established company at a reasonable price. It is what it is just as a Prius is not a pick up truck. For it's targeted audience looking for a greener alternative in a stylish package I think it deserves attention. I am a strong proponent of any tech pushing forward away from our current paradigm of guzzling fossil fuel. All electric vehicles currently are nuclear or coal or whatever fired if they utilize the grid to charge. As they age and the grid gets greener so does the vehicle. If the user has a solar panel or windmill to charge from they leap even further. The more people we can get on board the better IMHO, even those who just want basic transportation to the office without all the hassle more power to them. Short of a drastic reduction in population, which may be needed anyway (don't get me started) I am for anything that helps me to leave my grandkids something better than a stinking pile of garbage.
How buys folding bikes?

I believe the question is, "who buys folding bikes"

City dwellers, especially those who commute using Metro (DC, NY, SF), aren't allowed to carry full-sized bikes during peak hours. Folders are indeed allowed and helps quicken multi-part commute.
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I don't hate the bike, nice to see people trying new things... just with our silly laws it wouldn't pass muster..
The biggest market for folding bikes are mariners, rv enthusiasts, and people who have smaller vehicles who want to carry their bike in their car. Mariners find them attractive as their smaller size allows them to stow in their boat and even transport in a dingy allowing them transport on shore wherever they land. Prodeco's 20" folder is in fact named the Mariner for that reason. RVers find they can stow them inside the cargo bays freeing up valuable inside space when traveling and not accumulating all the road grime which a full sized bike stowed outside does. As far as the small vehicle goes we had one customer test fit the Emotion Volt and Prox in the back seat of his BMW convertible. Not finding a bike rack practical or stylish a folder fit his needs. We even have a part time salesmen who uses his folder to commute to class and then tucks his bike into a locker, secure and ready at the end of the day. Many people have limited storage and find a folder that can tuck away the solution they need. Some models even offer a travel bag as an option for folks who want to fly and have a bike available when they arrive. Not for everyone, but for some the only choice.
Thanks for answering my typo Lenny and Lilrich. I could possibly use one to get to the metro and then from the metro to my office. Makes a whole lot more sense now.