500 Watt kit installed in August


I bought the rear battery mounted 500 watt kit in August. I installed it on my little used late 90s Schwinn Cruiser Supreme. I did call the company twice for help and in a very few minutes each time they were able to help me out. It's really peppy, with the battery in the back and drive wheel in the front the weight is distributed pretty well. I wish I had installed it on a bike with some suspension, the streets, trails and sidewalks around my area beat up my tailbone pretty good? :D I installed a Thudbuster suspension seat post and a more comfortable seat but it's still a bit rough riding. I would definitely recommend the kit for anyone wanting to convert a decent bike into a powered ebike. It has PAS or throttle mode and goes FAST. Here is a shot of my bike after the conversion. I hadn't installed the Thudbuster when this photo was taken.
Nice pic, @woodsusa :). It's a simple, clean setup and inexpensive and allows you to add the pedal assist function which some front hub systems don't bother with. Did you go with the 11Ah or 14Ah battery?