Turbo Vado 4.0 2022 LHS Crank Removal problem


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Hi all, I've got a new Turbo Vado 4 (last one stolen) and am trying to remove the left-side crank to instal a chip. I've removed the 8mm hex bolt, and from memory that's all that is required... can anyone confirm if there are more steps or that's it and the arm just needs to be "coaxed" off somehow, please? From memory, when I did this on my previous Vado, the crank arm came off after just a little nudge or three, but this one is like it's welded on.

There are "teeth" on the crank arm side of the hole that seem to be only wedged into the corresponding spaces in the crank axle, but they look like they might possible also be threaded or grooved for more bite... [see pix] IMG_0666.jpeg

but I don't know. Perhaps a gear puller is now needed or similar?? I've wacked it with a hammer, given it everything with hands/arms, right up to the point I feared I'd break or strip something. So I'm reluctant to go further... I would much appreciate any insight if anyone has any experience a 2022 Vado crank removal.

Help please!


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