1. N

    Discounted pricing for Turbo Levo?

    I’m considering a 2022 Turbo Levo Expert, but just can’t swallow the idea of paying full price for a 2022 when the 2023‘s could be out any time (Spec and others). I know of several dealers that have been sitting on S2 sizes that haven’t moved, and I was considering throwing out a price if 10k...
  2. Dex365

    2022 Rize RX Pro First Look - I love this bike!

    Hey there! I received my 2022 Rize RX Pro last week and I am in love! I noticed there are not really any youtube reviews for the current model so I created a little first look video, link below. Have you all loved your Rize bike as much as I have?
  3. inakisoria

    Riese & Muller 2022 models. Rumors?

    Riese and Muller will introduce the new line-up (2022 bikes) in September 2021. What do you think they will present? My hopes... a Load 60 with an integrated battery. Please...