Turbo Vado Crank Arm Removal


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I want to remove the rear fender/rack from my Vado. In order to unplug the connector to the taillight, I need to access the motor housing, but can't fully remove the cover with the crank arm in the way. It appears we have self-extracting cranks on these bikes? That means I want to loosen the inner hex, correct? I tried doing so and it feels like that sucker is in there TIGHT. The fact the pedals want to rotate also makes it complicated. Before I go crazy applying force, I want to make sure I'm attempting to loosen the correct bolt and welcome any tips, tricks, or suggestions.

Once I'm done and ready to reinstall the crank arm, I presume it's just a matter of reversing the removal step and tightening the inner hex again?


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Adding to this three month old thread with specific info I found to be clear and helpful for removing the left-side crank arm from my Vado 4.0 today.

from https://praxiscycles.com/wp-content/uploads/E-CRANK-DIGITAL-REVD.pdf

Note the direction is counterclockwise (anticlockwise) for either side, and that after initially loosening the resistance will increase. That last bit initially threw me, but I pressed ahead to success. I put a block under the opposite side pedal to brace the crank.

Hope this helps the next person searching for specialized / praxis crank arm removal.

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 17-46-26 E-CRANK-DIGITAL-REVD.pdf.png