Instructions for PearTune 4.0 MSO on 2022 Turbo Vado

Hi Stefan, thx for replying! The Velociraptor looks like a nice device but unfortunately it's only for TCU, not TCD (display on the stem). Specialized is promising updates over the air, but untill now with my Vado I have to go to the retailer.
I have the PearTune on my Vado SL (the other e-bike is a Vado 6.0, a 45 km/h S-Pedelec so no need to derestrict). It is never known if the Specialized dealer would have noticed the derestrictor on your Vado and -- if he had -- what would he do about it. Ignore? Invalidate your warranty? I really do not know.

I have never done any update for my Vado SL as it was clear the dealer would have noticed the PearTune near to the TCU. As my Vado SL has survived the warranty term with flying colours, I was on the safe side after the warranty expired. Only then I went in the Specialized brand store and asked for updating the e-bike firmware, including the main battery and as many as four Range Extenders! The man said nothing about the dongle but then he has always liked me as a regular customer :)
I have a Peartune 4.0 for Turbo Vado SL. I have done 80k in a single ride and it has been ok.
I did have a problem of the assist automatically going into 100% whilst cycling, this happened only when the Peartune was ON. The power control buttons +/- seem to get very sensitive and if my thumb is resting on it, the power goes to 100%. The +/- buttons would be insensitive for a few minutes and then you can reduce assist.

Does anyone know, if you turn the assist to 0, is the assist actually 0?