1. beaniedog

    Garmin Edge/Varia/Mastermind TCD Connection Issue

    TLDR: Varia radar detection will make Turbo Vado 4 restart itself when the bike is connected to a bike computer. This will eventually lead to all the bike remote buttons only restarting and resetting the bike instead of their default function. Bike works fine with Varia when not connected to a...
  2. N

    Discounted pricing for Turbo Levo?

    I’m considering a 2022 Turbo Levo Expert, but just can’t swallow the idea of paying full price for a 2022 when the 2023‘s could be out any time (Spec and others). I know of several dealers that have been sitting on S2 sizes that haven’t moved, and I was considering throwing out a price if 10k...
  3. Scarbs

    Turbo Vado SL wheel removal

    Hi, newby here. I have purchased a Turbo Vado SL and, when getting riding kit ready, notice that I don’t really know what tools I require to remove the wheels. Any ideas please?
  4. R

    Hello from PA - New to EBikes, but not to riding.

    I purchased a Vado SL-5 EQ 3 weeks ago for a "Turning 60" present (I turned 60 last year). I have been a long time rider - 35+ years of road riding, but age is taking it's toll. After 4 aortic valve surgeries in the past decade (on my 3rd artificial valve), a new pacemaker last year, an older...
  5. UpperEastSide

    Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 - 2019 vs 2020

    I'd like to thank EBR for providing top-notch reviews, well produced videos, and the forums! I've been eyeing Specialized EB for a while. The 2019 Specialized Turbo Vado 3.0 went on sale for $2495 (US). It's currently being assembled for a test ride. I realized the 2020 Specialized Turbo Vado...
  6. Dirty Cash

    What’s Up??? From Southern Illinois

    Hello all. Been on the forum for about a week while awaiting delivery of my 2020 Vado 4.0 in Carbon/Black/Liquid Silver. She finally arrived the other day and I am more than happy with her so far. Took her for a simple 7.5 mile initial shakedown ride to tweak the seat height/position as well...
  7. Turbo Vado Pip

    Hello Turbo Vado friends everywhere / 2019 Range / Missing App!!

    Hi all. Happy owner of a Vado 4.0 I see that Specialized has now updated their website (UK) introducing a new flagship model, the Vado 5.0 The changes made to the 2017/18 Vado 4.0 model including moving the rear light from the pannier to the rear mud guard are also now showing on the...
  8. John Fuller

    Moving LED module from seat to fender bracket - Specialized Turbo

    I recently ordered a Body Float seat post for my Specialized Turbo. The vendor said they couldn't drill a hole in the top of the post to facilitate routing of the LED seat light module wiring. That got me thinking that I might remove the LED module and mount it to the bracket on the back...
  9. Erik Nyström

    Specialized turbo s wiring harness wanted!

    Hi, I need to replace my wiring harness on my 2014 Turbo S. Is there anyone that knews were to find it? Br Erik
  10. eagamer80

    Upgrading chainring and bottom bracket. My experience.

    I just wanted to tell my experience after changing the old crankset from this piece of crap and the standard Turbo chainring and crankset and pedals. JESUS! what a difference! I do not understand why I didn't do that before. I guess is because I was not sure about the components that I had to...
  11. C

    Turbo Levo Rear travel

    Hey guys. Going back and forth between the Levo and the Enduro. Love the Enduro but there is a convenience about the Levo having tiny kids and a Wife working shifts that is hard to pass up. Can belt to the trail, hammer it out and get back before dark... BUT. In Australia, the Levo is said to...

    Picked up S-Works Turbo Levo FSR

    A few weeks ago, I made the plunge (gulp) and picked up the S-Works Turbo Levo. This baby had been sitting at the front display of my local bike shop for a few months, and every time I walked by it called my name! Before this, I was riding a Luna-Cycle converted Trek mid-drive.. but it just...
  13. eagamer80

    I just bought my Turbo FLR (Sweden)

    Hello guys, First post here. I am happy I found this forum of people sharing experiences with the Specialized ebikes, specially the Turbo brand. I recently adquire one Turbo FLR 2016 here in Sweden (200W motor, 28km/h max (17,4 m/h), mainly for commuting 44km every day (27 miles) in total. I...
  14. W

    Add-on battery (non-Specialized) for longer trips?

    I recently purchased a base Turbo, mostly for commuting, and the standard battery seems just about ideal for my commute -- so far I seem to use about 80% of the battery round-trip (~20 miles, mostly flat) in turbo mode. But I'm starting to think about longer rides and battery options. Before I...
  15. Cory151

    Solar Charger Build

    Decided to test my hand at building an off the grid solar setup to charge a pair of Stromers, a Juiced Rider and a Stealth Bomber. **** Once I put a watt meter on the Bomber's charger and found it draws about 580-600 watts I knew I needed to have a decently capable solar system. Found some...
  16. James Kohls

    Any Winter Turbo Riders?

    I have a 2015 Turbo X and wondering if any Turbo owners use their bikes in the winter. This will be my first time owning an electric bike in the winter (Minnesota). It seems like the Turbos have a nice smooth power-up which I'm hoping will help get moving on slippery surfaces. I do plan on...
  17. bazzapage

    Firmware changelog for base model Turbo

    I have just picked up my new Base model Turbo (model year 2015 - this is New Zealand and we are in the future). I noticed that the firmware level is '01'. Is there anything I am missing if I don't get the firmware updated? I can't find a changelog anywhere. AFAIK only Specialized NZ have the...
  18. kermit_xc

    915miles in 45days = 32charge cycles

    I just checked at the shop - my Base Turbo has 32 charge cycles after 900 miles in 45 days. I have 2 chargers between the office and home and depending on the wind, my 21.5mile commute (one way) leaves me with 10%-40% on full Turbo - I don't bother with ECO unless it forces me at below 20%...
  19. kermit_xc

    $4000 drying rack

    First week to break 100 miles. It's been great so far ... ended up getting a 2nd charger for work
  20. kermit_xc

    Retrofitting rear light to a brooks saddle

    any ideas what to use to bond the plastic harness to the Brooks saddle (Swift). It looks like a pretty good fit actually - but I don't want to damage the leather with drilling anything, it would have to be a glue / epoxy that bonds to the tool bag mounts (titanium) any suggestions good...