Amazon XLC Carrymore adapter plate and pannier rack install

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Greetings all,
My Haibike Sduro Trekking came with a rack that had the bottom receiver assembly for the XLC Carrymore rack system already in place.
Unable to source the top assembly XLC Carrymore adapter plate anywhere I had no choice but to attach my bag to the rack with velcro straps.
Attaching with the straps proved to be unsatisfactory, as the bag would soon work loose when loaded and lean over to one side.

Recently I was searching on Amazon and came across a company in the UK that carried the XLC adapter plate, and had FREE Prime shipping to the US.
This company also had the pannier rack that attaches to the adapter plate, also free shipping.

I ordered both the plate and the pannier rack. It took about 30 days to arrive but was indeed free shipping.
The adapter plate snaps perfectly onto the Haibike rack with no modifications. Habike really should include this plate when they sell the bikes, but whatever. The pannier rack simply bolts to the adapter plate with four machine screws and is very solid when mounted.

My bag was somewhat flimsy so I installed a backing board of masonite to the floor of the bag. Using the adapter plate as a template I marked the holes in the backing board, drilled four holes, and then placed the backing board into the bottom of the bag. I then attached the bag to the plate in between the pannier rails. The entire bag assembly is rock solid, yet pops right off with a push of one button. It's a very good setup.


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