Another Frey Savannah Ultra - CC owner

It was a slow progression of the chain starting to skip. When I did the chain ring swap, there were no issues. In the last 2 months I started to notice things. Luckily I haven't been riding as much as I did when I got the bike. The weather has been less than great on weekends this winter. Lots of rain.
When I changed out the chain, I also changed out the front caliper of the bike. I did this out of pocket as I truly think I messed up the seals on the caliper when I switched out the tires. Why I think this is the rotor was also bent. I kinda remember "forcing" things while in a hurry. The good news is I have a spare mt5e brake lever for another day.
The obvious things were the sound and the fact that the new rotor and pads were saturated in mineral oil. Lesson learned.

My next big purchase is going to be getting the Silca chain waxing system when it is available again. After switching out the chain and seeing how simple it is, the Silca solution seems a no brainier if I alternate 2 chains.
Oh, and the 30ah battery that my frame can accommodate. Makes the Silca look like a st4rbucks coffee.
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