Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

We are done with snow shovels here . Warmest winter in years, now just deep mud. I spent most of the day reworking the raised beds so Babs can start her vegetable gardens. But I did sneak it a few minutes of bike riding.
Good on you. We won't be able to start prepping our community veg beds until May. We have to be prepared for just about anything, even snow as late as in April.

Been busy shuttling spawn to and from volleyball/robot building/theater to do much recreational riding lately.

Spring is definitely starting, though I was a little optimistic on Thursday morning only wearing long sleeves and no insulating layer in to work despite frost on everything. But by the afternoon it was nice if still a tad brisk. Somehow in over 25 years in this town I've never been to this park - it's the place photographers with lenses that probably cost as much as my bike hang out.


Tomorrow's robot battles are about 2/3 of the way to the Mountain in the photo. The weather is WAY too nice to spend another full day in the gym. The bike is stashed in the back of the car so I can take a ride while they finish the prelim rounds in the morning.
Not a picture of a ride, but got some new ride "hardware" last Monday.

All is good - not much pain and walking (with walker) really well.
I hope to be posting rides again in about 8-10 weeks.

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Here's hoping that the recovery period will be relatively short and that you’ll be back in the saddle soon. Take care buddy.
Went and go ride around the neighborhood after installing new chain and brake rotor, spit polished wheels with some kind of nano skin formula.
Bike doesn't look any better but I know it's clean ,took a picture of an ugly dog that is over friendly.


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I did 7mi on my Bulls I wanted to go further but my biking legs tired out. I haven't ridden it for a while I have been dependent on the Monte Capro with throttle. Also it's 83 F but feels like 90F.
Too hot man.
Stopped at Da Fish Market on my way home and got 21oz of crab legs. Freaking things are expensive nearly, $50


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