1. S

    Serviceability Help

    I travel a lot so I need to be able to find service for them! What makes an e-bike more serviceable? Is it mostly the availability of parts? If so, what brands/parts do you recommend for the regular non-electric bike components and what do you recommend for the motor system? IN THE US: I've...
  2. jazz

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    This is around in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State
  3. W

    Taking battery off for travel

    What is the experience of taking the battery off and traveling with bike on rear mounted rack. What is done to prevent rain from getting in battery compartment and doing damage to electric contacts? Thank you
  4. C

    Turbo Levo Rear travel

    Hey guys. Going back and forth between the Levo and the Enduro. Love the Enduro but there is a convenience about the Levo having tiny kids and a Wife working shifts that is hard to pass up. Can belt to the trail, hammer it out and get back before dark... BUT. In Australia, the Levo is said to...
  5. motostrano

    Next EbikeTreks Meet-Up- Santa Cruz

    Our next Motostrano / EbikeTreks meet-up is set for the end of the month with a fun ride through the coastal roads and trails of Santa Cruz California. Join us! Note: with all the hard rain in California lately our most recent ride around...
  6. Airwheel2016

    Electric bike on EICMA 2016

    Started from November 8th, 2016, EICMA of this year has got off a good start. A continuous stream of visitors came to the remarkable exhibition. The booth that people coming and going frequently should be Hall 4, Stand F50, booth location of , a world famous supplier in electric two-wheel...
  7. O

    Electric Scooters & Unicycle

    ORIENT TOUCH ELECTRONICS is a US (Colorado) Based Branch, We are recognized distributor of various consumer electronics we sell latest brand and new original phones from there manufacturer with the minimum of 1 full year international warranty... we have in stock all various type of Electric...
  8. Biker

    Take an ST2 to Japan

    Hi, I'm currently stationed in Japan but home on leave. I want to buy an ST2 and take it back with me boxed up on my flight (ANA). Will I make it?? Through the airline, through Japanese customs, does anyone have first hand experience with this? If I try and get stopped at customs in Japan, where...