PNW eBiker


Duvall, WA
I'm in Washington state and got my first eBike about 7-months ago, a Biktrix Juggernaut Hub Duo (two, actually, for me and my wife), it's a 750-watt rear hub drive with fat tires and dual batteries. I've got about 1100 miles on it so far and love it! The way I ride, mostly on PAS 1, and with the dual 17Ah batteries, allows me to get about 140 miles out it per charge. I've also recently purchased my first mid-drive eBike, a Biktrix Juggernaut FS Pro 3, which is a full suspension dual battery fat tire bike, and mid-drive motor is rated for 1000 watts.

As a non-cyclist the Hub Drive was a great choice for getting started, super approachable and easy to ride. But as I put on more miles and began to figure out what I could do and wanted to do, the idea of having a full suspension hill climber really called to me. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have mountains, lots of rail-to-trail conversions, and thousands of miles of gravel forest service roads. There are also numerous long range biking events that include lots of gravel riding and a lot of elevation gain, so I'm looking forward to riding the FS Pro 3 in events and on gravel trail adventures. The Hub Duo is still lots of fun, but more for casual cruising and family trips.