Propella C9 V2 Pro short term review


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I spent 3 months researching for a light weight (under 45 lbs), dual purpose (road, trails) ebike under $2,000 that I could fit into the back of my Kia Niro. After riding 4 bikes (Aventon Soltera.2, Trek Dual Sport +2, Velotric T1 ST & Propella C9 V2 Pro). All had similar specs in terms of weight and power, were nimble and easy to ride. I narrowed it down to the T1 ST & C9.
The T1-S1 is a very nice bike but had the shifting was a bit clunky, there was some resistance while coasting, and I preferred having a screen (rather than using my phone).
The Propella C9 V2 Pro was the only bike of five that I test rode that I could find no fault in for my wants and needs; plus the company store is less than 30 miles from my home. So I bought on of the last ones they had in stock & added a Kinect suspension seatpost & stem.
Besides a few short "familiarization" rides on it, I've done a 20 mile ride on paved trails and 8 miles on single track. So far, I am amazed how well this bike handles both the pavement and "mild" single track (dry dirt with short but steep hills, moderate amounts of roots, & some rock). This 75 year old had not problem with either although I could have used a bit more "oomph" from the motor going up one of Seattle's steeper hills.
To be sure, the addition of the Kinect Suspension Seatpost and Stem have significantly smoothed out the bumps making it very comfortable while only adding about 3 lbs to the total weight. I thought I might want to change the tires from the street focused CST OEM "cargo bike" tires but they roll really well, and had no problem on the single track so I'm gonna stick with them, at last for now. Very pleased with my choice, hopefully it will hold up well over the next few years. Roll on!


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Living near a company store is a huge advantage in the selection process. Hardly anyone gets to test ride a Propella. Did they say they'll service it there for you, by chance?
Yes that is a huge advantage and definitely was a factor in my purchase. I refuse to ride a bike I can't test ride. I drove 3 hours to test the runner up Velotric T1-ST.! And I certainly didn't want to get a bike shipped to my home, put it together, discover it wasn't the right bike, then have to take it down, repack it & ship it back.
They set the bike up for me and I rode it for 30 mins to be sure everything worked correctly. A-OK! They agreed to do any adjustments or repairs if necessary while bike is under warranty but after that, I think I may be on my own. Not to say, I wouldn't try to get them to service it if needed. Actually the operation, near Seattle (Redmond actually) is pretty limited. They have a big warehouse and a very small "showroom" that they do test rides out of by appointment. I've been there three times and there is always just one very knowledgeable person there.
While there I rode all three Propella models just for fun and was well impressed by all of them. Their focus is light weight, basic, relatively simple bikes that ride like analog bikes but provide a boost when you need it. I think they would sell many more if they could get into to LBS.
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