1. H

    Which of these for a commuting newbie?

    Hi all, I’m trying to switch to an ebike to save money on my London commute. The best way I have found is to rent a bike from Dash. I have no idea which bike to choose, please help! I am 5ft 5, quite active but need that extra boost. I mostly need the bike for commuting (about 5 miles) but...
  2. rcode3

    New Drop - First Impressions

    Just got my Drop. As there do not appear to be too many user reviews on Dost, I thought I'd post my first impressions. Here it is (without the battery as it was charging in the house), the Dost panniers (which are nice), some trunk bag I had previously, and generic water bottle holder I already...
  3. igotan

    Faster smooth tires for Lectric XP

    Great bike! I have put on 700miles last month, mostly on my 12mile one-way commute on smooth asphalt. My question is what is the fastest smooth tire that would fit the XP? Would the Kenda K-Rad - 20" x 3.3" tire fit?
  4. FastLyfeG

    2nd\Spare Battery Solution?

    As I do my usual late night Mod hunting\research browsing I came across this and looking at the identical specs and that its also using Samsung Cells Im curious to know if this could be a 2nd or spare battery option for the Aventon Level Im no electrical engineer so I thought Id post this and...
  5. GreatLakesWaterman

    ISO 60-622 Commute Tire (for tubeless)

    So far the Schwalbe G One Speed is my first choice. Any recommendations on a similar tubeless tire for commuting? TIA
  6. M

    Fuell Flluid 1S - Twin Battery Class 3 E-Bike (Brand NEW in Box) Size L Dark Grey (Bay Area) $3800

    I ordered this from indigogo but got sidetracked when a Luna X1 became available which I brought a few months ago. The Flluid arrived on Christmas eve and I have not even unboxed it as I'm only allowed one e-bike (by order of the boss). Mid Drive Bofeilli Motor (500W, 100Nm Torque, 28mph top...
  7. Captain Walnut

    My first commute on my new CCX, real world range of a heavy rider

    What fun! I did my first commute to work today on urban bike lanes and bike trails. 12.6 miles in 43 minutes, 374 feet up and 581 feet down according to Google, and feeling great! 341Wh, 6.5 Ah, 12.6 mi, 26.8 Wh/mi, 52.7V remaining (if I understand the advanced stats screen). It helps that the...
  8. D

    Help on choosing a Vancouver Commuter bike

    Hi All Firstly thank you for a supportive and informative community, website and Forum. Appreciate it. I am looking to buy my first ebike after a hard manual commute the other day. I am barraged with information and reviews so any help appreciated. My commute Vancouver BC. 25kms each...
  9. rbullwinkle

    Electric bucket bike with kid cover or regular eBike with Burley

    Hey gang, Obsessive first time buyer here. I think I’ve watched every video Court has ever done. I hope to soon have a flat 8 mile commute. I have to drop off (or pick up) my 3-year-old at daycare about one mile from my house. I’m considering either a Riese and Müller Load 75 Vario HS Or...
  10. R

    Suspension vs. Bigger Tires

    Hey All, I'm sure we'll see a wide range of opinions on this, but I am shopping around for my first ebike where the primary use is a 20 mile one way commute on city streets (with some short cuts across bike paths and sidewalks at appropriate speeds). The roads in some sections of the city are...
  11. R

    Can I Ditch the Car? Speed Commuter with Some Cargo Needs

    Hi All, I am new to the forum and have been browsing for several weeks. Lots of great info here, albeit somewhat overwhelming! I would love some input on my situation. I will try to be brief while providing the necessary details! My wife and I pulled the trigger this month on a minivan. This...
  12. jazz

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    This is around in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State
  13. J

    The electric bike business is booming in Omaha

    Omaha Bicycle Co. Owner Sarah Johnson is changing the way Omahans get around. Awesome to see e-bikes getting some push from mainstream media!
  14. R

    Swedish commuter looking for a bike! Moustache / Haibike / R&M

    Hi, Thank you all for making this a great forum! Im looking for advice on what bike to buy. Me: 37 years old in good physical condition. My commute: I have a 11 Km (6,8 Miles) x2 commute with three major hills. I plan on commuting from Mars through October. Bike alternatives: I have...
  15. D

    Steep Hills and Commuting

    Greetings to everyone. I am a pretty avid cyclist and in pretty good shape. I own a pretty nice non-e carbon fiber bike an love riding it on weekends. However, I do not ride it for commuting as my return commute is 6 miles with 880 feet of elevation gain. The route is steep for about 3.6 miles...
  16. Pilot

    Hello from Brooklyn, NY

    My wife and I just moved back to Brooklyn in October from San Francisco. I work in Midtown Manhattan, so hacking my commute has been my top priority since we got here. I know that throttle bikes are illegal in NYC (pedal assist bikes are not illegal), but I decided to roll the dice anyway. I...
  17. Barry S

    Any Yukon Commuters?

    Currently living on O'ahu and have been commuting 8 miles each way into Honolulu on my Trek FX 7.2 fitness bike for the past 2 years due to economic necessity (one-car family) and to preserve my sanity (Honolulu ranks 8th for most traffic-congested city). The terrible roads here have taken a...
  18. S

    e-bike for vancouver-hills & children

    Hi, I am a first time e-biker looking for some advices about what to purchase. I am a 5'6'' female living in the hilly vancouver and is looking for a bike that suits these needs: 1. able to carry a child with a max weight of 40 lb on the rear attached child carrier or a thule bike trailer for...
  19. M

    E-bike for Seattle

    I am looking for a commuter bike that can get me up some steep hills and around Seattle. Which brands would be best? I don't have a huge budget, but I'm willing to invest. I made this list of what I'm looking for: Can be ridden manually Affordable battery replacement ($300 or preferably less)...
  20. D

    Ebike for Hilly Commute

    Hi, I'm a prospective first time ebike purchaser and want some advice about what to purchase. I'm a 6'4, 215 lb male and want an ebike for two main purposes: (1) 4-5 mile hilly commute to and from work - hoping to do in under 20 minutes each way. (2) taking 4 year old to school in rear mounted...