New Bikes - X2 and Z1


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It looks like Luna has two 'new' ebikes, one a revised X1 in the 'X2' which seems some minor frame changes along with an increase to 17aH batter, but retains the M600 motor, with the most interesting aspect being a 'Ludi v2' controller, which appears to be a true FOC controller using VESC software, and I expect one of their existing controllers as a base. Weight claimed is 58# for Med frame.

The other(Z1) looks to be a Dengfu E10-based Ultra bike, which looks much like the Hydra as it's undoubtedly a Dengfu frame. Not going to guess as to if WW had a timed exclusive on the frame or not, but many non-US builders have been using that frame for builds. Weight claimed is 65# for Med frame.
On the positive side for the Z1, they are selling them with UART-based Ultras.

The X2s sold out in a day apparently (Black Friday) while last I saw the Z1s still are available. No options on color or anything other than Ludi v2 controller for the X2 that I saw.

By comparison to other known-to-me CF framed bikes, the Hydra is better specced for a bit more $, while I'd say the Luna specs at least equal or exceed the Biktrix Monte which is higher starting price (but has a different frame altogether, looks pretty sharp).

Both bikes are(were?) priced at $4200, + $400 controller upgrade on the X2.

After going back and forth for months, and the Hydra being a bit rich for my blood, although I will at some point have an Archon/X1-controlled Ultra bike ( :) ), I had resigned myself to building one from one of the few CF frames available to us in the US (Note Biktrix also locked in US/CAN rights to their new Monte frame as well...), and was finalizing my parts list but decided to wait for Black Friday. Woke up, saw a Thanksgiving/BF note on Luna's site, and ordered - as with current prices I couldn't build a bike for the price.

So, the wait begins..

Hey been wanting to ask you what are your settings on Bike CFG tab for your LUNA X2 Ludicrous. Mine was changed accidentally to 162.6 & I think that's a big mistake. Been trying to find out from LUNA where it should be set, but they're busy it seems.