Just found a cracked rim on my allant 8

Just talking about wheel builds:
When I was selecting components for my new rear Vado wheel, I paid special attention to have the rim equipped with eyelets in spoke holes, as these eyelets distribute the stress around the spoke well (the rim is less apt to crack). Only recently, I had a closer look at the front wheel, which was delivered by Specialized on my Vado 5.0 to 6.0 warranty upgrade. Funny to think about it but the new Specialized wheel had spoke hole eyelets too... While the original rim for the front wheel had no eyelets!
Unfortunately, the presence of eyelets isnt the ultimate deciding factor in rim quality/strength, rim design just isnt that simple

There are many high quality strong rims without eyelets (i.e. Velocity USA Blunt35)

all bikes really its such an improvment and makes taking the wheel off so much easier.
I don't disagree, but it does raise the cost. I don't think we'll see the industry fully switch to thru axle any time soon.
Yeah those aren't as good as Conti/Schwalbe high end ones. Conti Urban Contact 62-584 is 695g weight, Bontrager is 1280g. You're blaming width when the issue is tire tread quality.
I Have the Conti Contact Urban SafetyPro 50-622 and notice now fall raining is started they slow me allot down on the road