8000 miles in about 1 1/2 years on my allant 8


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8000 miles in about 1 1/2 years on my allant 8. several chains and two sets of brake pads and a set of needed a cassette a month ago a new chainring a few months ago
. Did have a cracked back rim replaced on warranty at 6000 miles. but I bought a new set of wheels so I have narrower rims so I dont need the clunky stock tires. went tubeless and the rides far better and much faster then stock tires. going to replace the shifter housing before winter and putting in sealed headset bearings as the grease washes out with all the rain I ride in.
Excellent riding — and double with your tandem. Kudos! Does your family ever see you?!
Very durable bikes.

I recently added an 8s to my 7s. I also just ordered a Kiox to replace the Smartphone Hub and a Range Boost adapter (which you also appear to have done) so I can swap the battery between the bikes. The onboard 625w RIB does not provide sufficient electrons to complete my daily ride. Having also swapped the 7s 500w RIB to a 625w I now can ride on 1,125w on both bikes, but the 7s with the front suspension and extra mods will remain my #1 bike.