CCX Race Mode Offers Less Assistance than Sport Mode?


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Hey all,

I thought Race Mode is supposed to offer the most assistance, because it is the last mode on the CCX (E, 1, 2, 3, S, R).

However, it feels like Race Mode offers the least assistance. It feels like its capped at 20 MPH for me. It feels like its dragging me down...

Tonight, I "downgraded" from Race to Sport mid-ride, and I suddenly burst up to 25 MPH and felt that happy/scared feeling! :-D

I wonder if something is broken on my bike? Shouldn't Race Mode offer even more assistance?

Interesting. Just went for a ride on my CCX. I've never used 0 mode. There is definitely assist going on with my 0 setting. Motor comes on and bike propels forward. Seems same as ECO for me. But R doesn't cap out. I tested it out and R and S seemed very similar - over 30mph on each. Trying to figure out if my bike has the CCS controller. Any other way to check? I don't think it will affect my usage of the bike - I hadn't even used the 0 setting in a month (I just ride the bike with the power off if I don't want assist) and S and R both give me that full over-30mph assist.
As an update - I emailed Juiced Support and had a response in 15 minutes and a follow-up for confirmation of my address. I watched that video on how to replace the controller and also downloaded and read the PDF. Looks like a very simple procedure. I'm actually anxious to check out race mode out on the bike lane. I might be able to grab a few extra mph.

And boy do I have a lot to learn. I didn't know that controller even existed. I thought that the controller was the display. When they pulled that controller out of the frame I was like "ahhhh-hah...didn't know that was in there". It would be really cool if we could program it ourselves but it probably takes specialized software. I was hoping it just needed a serial input and you could fire up Terminal and TFTP the new code to it. Seems like you would only need a USB to whatever the controller interface is and you could just push the new file. Juiced could send you the cable and you could send it back - probably cheaper than sending the controller. Of course if you screw something up then you've bricked it and now you've got a headache. Of course then the firmware is out there and there's all kinds of questions about that. Ok, just convinced myself that Juiced is doing it right. Just thinking out loud. ;)
Thanks for raising this issue Brian. I would have never gone to the Juiced Support site and looked at it. I never even tried Level 0 until today and I've had my bike for a month. I did engage R mode a couple times but thought it was darn close to S mode so I only used S mode. Honestly I could live without the upgrade but why not have the correct firmware for your new bike, right?
No Issues with the controller firmware here!:D
It's 11:00 PM and mighty chilly outside tonight (about 15° ); In the garage it's 37°. After reading about the "0" mode issue, I thought "Have I missed something?" While there have not been any issues with my CCX during the first 115 miles, who knows, maybe I've been blinded by the fabulous performance. So just in case I decided to do a quick check and go to bed with sweet dreams of contentment.:rolleyes:
If your CCX zero assist mode still provides some level of assistance, please contact support to get the controller reflashed with the latest firmware to unlock zero and R mode.

@Tora Harris My CCX has always provided assist in 0 mode, and Race is no different than Sport. I contacted customer support, but they haven't replied. Can you help please?