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  1. M

    Where to get a Juicedbikes 52V*19Ah battery mount for a usual bike?

    I have a Juicedbikes 52V*19Ah battery left after my ebike was stolen and I'm planning to convert a usual bike(Treck Dual Sport 1) to ebike using it. I've googled it and it seems that battery is similar or is a Reention Dorado battery. Anyone know if I can buy it somewhere in the US?
  2. H

    Deciding between the Juiced RCS or the Rize RX and RX Pro (suggestions to other bikes welcomed).

    After a couple months of researching ebikes, I believe I've narrowed it down to about 3 choices (kind of). I first narrowed it down to the juiced ripcurrent s (rcs), as it provided excellent on and off road performance, with excellent range. However, recently I've discovered that a fair amount...
  3. D

    Cheap Batteries

    Found these used batteries for Juiced bikes. https://jag35.com/collections/lithium-batteries/products/p-series-ebike-battery-packs-sm-med-lg
  4. K

    Rotor Question and Help in CCX repair

    Good day all. I have a CrossCurrent X since April. After over 1300 miles, my breaks started squeaking and noticed i needed break pads replacement. Then, i found out that my rotor was bent and always touching the brake-pads on one side. During the process of changing the brake pads. My break...
  5. K

    First timer and asking some honest questions about E-bikes

    I have had regular bikes for almost 7 years of my life in my youth. I pretty much know a well bit about regulars bikes because i used to assemble/disassemble them from top to bottom. Fast forward, 12 years later. Bikes have come a long way. I did a bit of research to learn about this new bikes...
  6. FatGuy

    Juiced Bikes - How To Turn On Race Mode

    Hey Guys! I made a quick video to show people who are new to Juiced Bikes how to Turn on Race Mode. I hope it helps some people out!
  7. S

    e-bike Rookie | 1st e-bike purchase advice

    First-time poster, future first-time owner! Looking for some advice on my first e-bike purchase: 1. I won't be commuting, but looking for a bike to enjoy around town, up and down the hilly roads of Atlanta. 2. As strange as this sounds (since it appears that most of the higher-quality ebikes...
  8. Svaldes

    Its really her bike

    Im just her driver. She rides a JUICEDBIKE Ripcurrent.
  9. BrianMura

    CCX Spoke Tension for Front and Rear?

    Hey CCX fans, Does anybody know what the recommended spoke tension should be on the front and rear wheels on the CCX? Or alternatively, does anybody know the rim model so we could look up the spoke tension? I asked Juiced, but they did not answer yet. Thank you, -Brian
  10. J

    Juiced Bikes Introduces the New CrossCurrent S2

    (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) JUICED BIKES INTRODUCES THE NEW CROSSCURRENT S2 With new launch, company’s entire E-Bike portfolio now includes a supercharged 52 Volt battery. SAN DIEGO, July 2, 2019 – Juiced Bikes is excited to announce the release of their new CrossCurrent S2 electric...
  11. C

    New CCX - Love it

    On Friday, I received my new CCX. At my first chance on saturday, I got to work on it. Out of the box the only issue I had was the rear fender was rubbing, but that didn't take too much to fix. The front wheel has an ever so slight wobble, but it is hardly noticeable at all. Everything seemed...
  12. Captain Walnut

    What a difference level 2 makes over 3/S! (and a battery question)

    I know this is probably very obvious to many of you, but I am a new ebike rider and have been commuting to work (1.6 miles) for a little over a week on my CCX. At first, I was completely giving in to the temptation to go as fast as possible, both for fun and to get to work as close to my driving...
  13. C

    NEW - City Scrambler by Juiced Bikes

    Hi All, I bought this bike from Juiced online, it's amazing! Check out specs on the website. I have to move so a bike like this no longer fits my lifestyle unfortunately, I literally put it together and have ridden it only once. Price on website is $1,899.00 and they are selling like hot...
  14. BrianMura

    CCX Controller Temp

    Hit 47 C in Race Mode. It's 11 C outside. What's the highest you've seen on your CCX? Speaking of hot controllers:
  15. BrianMura

    CCX Race Mode Offers Less Assistance than Sport Mode?

    Hey all, I thought Race Mode is supposed to offer the most assistance, because it is the last mode on the CCX (E, 1, 2, 3, S, R). However, it feels like Race Mode offers the least assistance. It feels like its capped at 20 MPH for me. It feels like its dragging me down... Tonight, I...
  16. ZeroPointM

    RipCurrent S, unboxing pictures and first impressions.

    Purchase date 7-18-2018 Delivery date 8/14/18 RipCurrent S (750 Watts) / Aug '18 delivery Black / XL / 20" [Fits 6'0" to 6'4"] / 48 V / 19.2 Ah / $2,099 52 V / 19.2 Ah / $2,399 I have uploaded photos of the unboxing here. Busy week at work so I will post updates as time allows, but so far...
  17. B

    Crosscurrent S - November batch

    Has anybody received their Crosscurrent S from the November batch? It's been 3+ months since I ordered mine and I'm beginning think they're "playing" me since they are now a month behind.
  18. P

    Looking for a recommendation

    Looking for an e-bike with the following characteristics: - Relatively quiet. - For suburban commuting and touring. - Relatively wide tires for sand/gravel and winter conditions – though not on ice. - Is reasonably pedalable without any assistance – I want to use...
  19. Andy_in_CA

    CCS with Jones H-bar... Awesomeness

    I just got my new handle bars installed. And they look and feel great. With neck issues this is a much more comfortable riding position. ( And the adjustable stem) thoughts? Andy
  20. Andy_in_CA

    CCS tire size - for LCD settings?

    Does anyone know what the size of the tires should be for the CCS settings? Currently its set to 2225. Not sure if this is mm,cm? I just want to make sure the speedometer is correct on the bike and i'm guessing it goes by the where size? thanks in advanced. Andy