juiced bikes

  1. Andy_in_CA

    CCS battery charger compatibility?

    Does anyone know if this battery charger (or other ones) are compatible with the CCS stock battery (12.8 volt)? https://lunacycle.com/batteries/chargers/standard-3amp-48v-dolphin-bottle-battery-charger/ looking for a second charger to keep at work. Thanks in advanced. Andy
  2. N

    Juiced CrossCurrent S initial review

    Received mine (standard battery, Schwalbe tire upgrade). These are my first impressions. Building the bike Putting it together was relatively easy using the videos on the juiced site. It's a heavy bike so having someone help while you put on the front tire is nice. Anyone who is comfortable...
  3. Hagrid

    HyperFat Upgrades

    Juiced Bikes Announced Upgrades to the HyperFat on their blog 5/3/2017 (3rd of May 2017) http://www.juicedbikes.com/updates/2017/5/3/hyperfat-hf1000-update-for-pre-orders.html I wanted to discuss the upgrades and see if any of you would chime in on my questions, confirm my stance on the...
  4. dapope_22

    Hello, from Saint Louis

    Court, I've been researching e-bikes for the last few months and EBR has been an invaluable asset. I'm very close to making a decision. The 3 bikes I am interested in are the RadRover, the Voltbike Yukon 750, and the Juiced Hyper Fat 750 when it is released. I've watched a ton of your youtube...
  5. dapope_22

    Rad Rover Vs VoltBike Yukon 750?

    Rad Rover Vs VoltBike Yukon 750? I've narrowed it down to these 2 bikes and possibly the Juiced Hyper Fat if I see it become available in the 750 Watt version again. Does anyone have any opinions? They seem very similar.
  6. Larry Juiced rider

    Hi from Shingle Springs ca

    My wife and I are new E bike owners Our Juiced Bike Ocean Currents just came in this week and we love them Living up here there are a lot of hills and not much flat so we needed some help The bikes are great and seem very well built and makes us feel like kids again zipping all around...
  7. W

    Testing a stock Juiced Cross Current on a Strava Course

    For those who want to get an idea of how the Juiced Cross Current performs on a 23 mile documented Strava road course in southern New Jersey with hills that have grades of 23%, please check out Jim Richardson's Google Plus Blog Postings Here: https://plus.google.com/108565742086181850499...