Testing a stock Juiced Cross Current on a Strava Course

Wes Lem

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For those who want to get an idea of how the Juiced Cross Current performs on a 23 mile documented Strava road course in southern New Jersey with hills that have grades of 23%, please check out Jim Richardson's

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Juiced CrossCurrent Buchanan Rd.

This result surprised me. Buchanan Rd. is a 0.8 mile climb, with grades that average 4% and peak at 10.2%, so less than half the grade of Pine Hell.

My times on road bikes vary in the 4½ minute range, with a PR of 4:19. The CrossCurrent delivered me to the top in 2:37, which would be a KOM, and besting the best athlete by half a minute.

My takeaway from this is that the battery / motor / torque curve is optimized at a10% grade than at a 23% one.