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Looking for an e-bike with the following characteristics:

- Relatively quiet.

- For suburban commuting and touring.

- Relatively wide tires for sand/gravel and winter conditions – though not on ice.

- Is reasonably pedalable without any assistance – I want to use my bike for getting around, running errands, AND exercise. I’d like to be able to ride 100 miles through rolling terrain with a mix of both e-assist and traditional pedaling.

- I’d like to keep the cost below $2K.

So far, I have been looking at Juiced CrossCurrent S (online, as I have not seen it in a local Colorado store). Any thoughts/recommendations?

I ride both a single speed hub gear motor bike and Bosch mid drives. Neither take the same effort required for riding a traditional bicycle. They are both heavy and the Bosch takes extra effort from the pulley step-up when the assist is turned off. The gear hub motor may not have the same motor/gearbox resistance, but it's a 60 pound single speed bike. You can get plenty of exercise by pedaling in economy mode on any eBike. Very easy to come home panting on a 20 mile ride. But even that economy level of assist will take a big battery if you don't turn it off in the 100 mile ride. Relative wide tires also will add riding resistance, and you definitely need knobbies if you ride in the snow. They are all relatively quiet in my mind, unless you ride knobbies on pavement. Then you can't hear the motor at all. Sounds like you really need to take a drive to a bike shop and do some riding! Then you can decide which requirement can be relaxed as I don't think you'll find a bike to meet all of your list.
I have been looking at Juiced CrossCurrent S

For 100 mile range with the Cross Current S you would be looking at the 21ah battery plus the $400 fast charger and $100 Schwalbe tire upgrade so it will cost nearer $3,000, you'll want the 8a fast charger otherwise charging the large battery will take all day on the standard 2a charger. With that large battery the Cross Current S will be heavy around 60lb

A recent discussion thread about the lighter $4,000 Giant Road E (44lb) talked about the effort required to achieve 100 mile range on that bike's smaller battery. It would be much more comfortable to pedal long distance on the Giant if you ran out of power.
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