1. B

    Commuter w/ Hub Motor, Torque Sensor, and Throttle

    Hello. This is my first post. I'm looking to buy my first ebike to mainly replace car trips for local errands. I'm 55 yo male, 6'3", and 185 lb. My neighborhood is moderately hilly to flat. I live near a network of bike trails and could use that for many of my day-to-day tasks (e.g., shopping...
  2. BrianMura

    CCX Spoke Tension for Front and Rear?

    Hey CCX fans, Does anybody know what the recommended spoke tension should be on the front and rear wheels on the CCX? Or alternatively, does anybody know the rim model so we could look up the spoke tension? I asked Juiced, but they did not answer yet. Thank you, -Brian
  3. C

    New CCX - Love it

    On Friday, I received my new CCX. At my first chance on saturday, I got to work on it. Out of the box the only issue I had was the rear fender was rubbing, but that didn't take too much to fix. The front wheel has an ever so slight wobble, but it is hardly noticeable at all. Everything seemed...
  4. Captain Walnut

    What a difference level 2 makes over 3/S! (and a battery question)

    I know this is probably very obvious to many of you, but I am a new ebike rider and have been commuting to work (1.6 miles) for a little over a week on my CCX. At first, I was completely giving in to the temptation to go as fast as possible, both for fun and to get to work as close to my driving...
  5. Captain Walnut

    My first commute on my new CCX, real world range of a heavy rider

    What fun! I did my first commute to work today on urban bike lanes and bike trails. 12.6 miles in 43 minutes, 374 feet up and 581 feet down according to Google, and feeling great! 341Wh, 6.5 Ah, 12.6 mi, 26.8 Wh/mi, 52.7V remaining (if I understand the advanced stats screen). It helps that the...
  6. M

    CCX Spoke Replacement Instructions/Tips

    Hey All, Have had my CCX for about two weeks- absolutely love it. Using it as a car replacement around Atlanta and it's been working out great. (Despite having a massive nail in the rear tire ~2 days into ownership o_O). That being said, I did not get the commonly recommended tune-up at...
  7. G

    Throttle and pedal assist stopped on my CCS. Eeek!

    I replaced the display on my CCS (was vandalized/ripped completely off two weeks ago). Juiced sent a replacement which I've installed. All was well and good for a few days, then took the bike out today and the power cut out (both throttle and pedal assist). Can't seem to get the bike going at...
  8. BrianMura

    CCX Controller Temp

    Hit 47 C in Race Mode. It's 11 C outside. What's the highest you've seen on your CCX? Speaking of hot controllers:
  9. BrianMura

    CCX Race Mode Offers Less Assistance than Sport Mode?

    Hey all, I thought Race Mode is supposed to offer the most assistance, because it is the last mode on the CCX (E, 1, 2, 3, S, R). However, it feels like Race Mode offers the least assistance. It feels like its capped at 20 MPH for me. It feels like its dragging me down... Tonight, I...
  10. BrianMura

    Brian's CCX Journal

    TLDR - Had some issues with the battery connector. It's working now after working with the support team. Thinking it may go bad due to stripped threads on the male side. Enjoying the bike now! - 11/22/2018: Ordered the CCX on Black Friday. - 11/27/2018: Shipped from Juiced Bikes. - 11/30/2018...