2024 Delite 4 and Superdelite


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Has anyone been eyeing the 2024 Delite from the Eurobike Convention (I haven't seen anything yet on the 2024 superdelite yet). It has the bosch smart system, 750wh battery, and option external 250wh battery for a total of 1000wh. Now compatible with Rohloff hub. Has ABS option but not compatible with GX or Fox.
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Yes been eyeing that and the Homage. Orders should start shipping by early next year they said.
Yes, very interested. I don't see the value of ABS personally, but of course have not tried it. The Fox suspension is the reason I'd choose Delite over Homage, as well as the top bar. Would also want the ability to run tires like in the GX pack.

Any word on order dates for the US?
I configured a delite 4 and was bummed that you can't have both the GX option and ABS option 😭
Have reviews shown that ABS is worth getting?

Other things I noticed:
750 wh battery is a nice upgrade from 625
No more red color
No Nyon? I ripped out my Kiox 300 and don't miss it one bit.
All displays come with the nicer stem
Purion 200 screen is a nice idea, but ugly. I would spec the Kiox 300 just for the original button controller, then take it off again.

Every time I consider this bike I end up with a $12,000 spec.
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Have reviews shown that ABS is worth getting?

I haven't seen any reviews yet about the ABS, I wondered that myself. I figured that considering the overall price, the extra ABS option was just a few hundred more and I might as well throw that in. Not really shedding any tears about it or anything.
We have just ordered a Homage 4 and a Delite 4 with Enviolo and ABS, but since we ride a lot within Paris, France, we estimated ABS might be more usefull than Float. ;)
I have had for years a BMW C1 scooter with ABS, and it makes a real difference in urban environment.
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To be honest I wouldn’t want the Smart system. I have a Gen 2 Superdelite and Nevo, and a Gen 3 Smart Pole Voima.
My assessment
  • Pro: the smart motors are more quiet, or at least the frequency spectrum is lower so it’s more pleasant to ride
  • Con: I call it ‘the dumb system’. They took all the smarts out and put it in the phone, which you have to keep running (and fast draining the battery) for a map display, GPS etc.
  • Con: Less features and components presently than the Gen 2. The app isn’t very sophisticated, not more so than the Gen 2 App and I think less so (Flow vs eBike Connect)
  • Con: The app constantly misses rides I’m taking. I’ve got a bunch of blank rides because it didn’t manage to record
  • Con: The stupid app really wants a cell connection and most of the time I’m out where there is none
  • Con: Less usable controls, and the only remote is battery powered. I’ve only had this bike for a month or two and the coin battery is already depleted.
Bunch more stuff but you get the idea, personally I think Bosch screwed up on Gen 3. Sure OTA is great, as are the quieter motors, but why did they have to go completely differently and not come close to matching the feature set?

On ABS I wouldn’t get it, I thought it was interesting when I heard of it but meh, and you can’t use a good fork with it.
Well, "ABS or not" is really a matter of use case.
80% of our kilometers will be within Paris, so I think it makes sense for us.
This is also why we went for Enviolo (with LBS upgrade to Automatiq) instead of Rohloff.
There is one point I am pretty confused about : RX Services versus Bosh Connect module. Are these 2 services complementary or competing / overlapping?
Any info or ideas on this ?
Guys. Honestly.

Has any of you ever had to do an emergency braking? I had, many times. With proper brakes, the distance to the total stop is extremely short. It is often so violent you can do Over-The-Bars. Did you ever experience a long slippage of the e-bike forward resulting from blocked wheels?

Please tell me: In what sense the ABS would help the e-bike rider? Making the braking distance even shorter? Or, preventing the OTB?

For me, the e-bike ABS is yet another unnecessary gimmick...
Unnecessary for you doesn't mean unnecessary for all.
In urban / peri-urban environment, it is usefull.
In autum, when a car makes a brutal and unexpected turn on a paved road with leaves on the ground, yes, I'll be happy to have it.
You'll see, you will change your mind once Spezialized has adopted it. ;)
Short feed-back on ABS in a parisian urban environment
Already 2 use case, in the 20/25 km/h range. ;-)
- a smartphone, immediately followed by its blind and deaf human appendix, emerged suddenly from behind a truck to cross the street. Crash avoided.
- a small dog, with its owner at the other end of a huge retractable leash crossed the bike path between 2 parked cars. Crash avoided for my wife. Dog a little bit bumped.
In both cases, we really felt the ABS effect on the stopping distance, in a cold/wet environment, without losing control of the bike.
So we are pretty happy with the investment.
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