Sold my Stromer Elite!


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Sorry to see it go but it was time... The couple that bought it seem to like it. Ran as good as the day I bought it.

Overall that bike did not give me a moments problems with the electricals.. Just an excellent well built bike that always got it share of compliments..

Found that it was kind of heavy and not that great handling.. But for cruising around town running errands you really cannot beat it. Those Maxxis tires are just bulletproof.. No flats for 3000+ miles.

I have a BMC geared hub motor with a nice ebike controller and computer and some LiPos.. I may give it try and put it on my Fuji MTB.. Overall weight should be around 45 lbs.. we'll see.

Would heartily recommend Stromer Elite or ST1 bikes, with the weight caveat.
You sold your ST1 for a 13 pound weight break and 10x the fire hazard? Well good luck. Whenever my bike starts feeling heavy Im just gonna step up my gym game.
No I'm building a bike that has 3x power and weighs 17 lbs less. Should be a lot of fun on the trails. Plus i'm almost as fast on my pedal bikes as the Stromer.

Anything great is worth a little work and some risk.
I am on my 2nd ebike because I got bored with the first one after a year and of course my present bike is faster, has a bigger battery and hydraulic disc brakes. I am already thinking of things I would like to have on my next ebike, maybe in a year I will trade again especially if the ebikes improve and the costs come down. As for being almost as fast on a pedal bike, that is just crazy my ebike is way faster and I can ride much farther with the same effort. Don't think I will ever go back to a non assist bike. Riding with assist is just too much fun.