Barkme Wolf

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I am at 5000 miles and the Radwagon is shot. Can't go 100 mile without something going wrong. Not sure why my shiftier cable breaks all the time, tires have mystery flats, spokes break and bend..... I am out of money trying to keep up.
I don't carry heavy cargo, I don't jump curbs ever, I take it in for regular maintenance.

It is so difficult getting accurate measurements from Rad Power Bikes I never end up getting right gear the correct sizes.
My LBS says I need new everything.

I am currently collecting links to items that are known to fit the Radwagon. I am basically replacing everything.
If everyone could throw me a link to quality items that they can confirm fit the Radwagon... please help! Amazon links preferred.
I would like to make one massive order and have my LBS cobble it together.
I prefer colorful items blue, purple, orange, rainbow.
Need shifting system front and back, cassette, derailleurs front and back, pedals, crankset ..... what else?
need to keep it cheap but must be quality.... quality most.
ASAP! Need to get a price quote to my sugar mama!
I hope some people post because I'd like to have this information too.

I'd also like to know if some people have had any luck removing the light and wiring in a stronger version. I'm not good with electronic specs so just knowing what would work would really help.