1. sammo034

    Battery pins connector for Vado3 2020

    Does anyone know what the plastic connector part with the pins in it is called, if it is replaceable and if so where to get it from? This damage was a result of the loose fitting battery which from reading this forum is a common thing for the vados. My bike is a Vado3 from 2020. Cheers, Sam
  2. amayers

    Where to get R&M parts?

    Me and my wife have 2021 R&Ms, me a Superdelite & her a Homage. When we got her Homage over 4 months ago we discovered it did not come with the Fabric watterbottle mounting hardware just below the handlebars, like my Superdelite did. We then told the dealer we wanted them, and as they are custom...
  3. K

    Spare screws availability?

    So I decided late last night to go and do a small trip with my bike, shortly after taking off I noticed that when I pedal, the motor casing was making some rattling noise. I took out my flashlight and saw that someone had tried to unscrew or mess with the screws, one of the biggest screws that...
  4. G

    Where can I find a 48V Juiced bike controller?

    Hi, I just received a standard Juiced bike from a friend who got a new bike. He said the controller doesn't work. I contacted Juiced and they don't make the 48V controller anymore so they can't send me one. They only make the 52V controller. Does anyone have an idea how I can get one from Juiced...
  5. H

    Ancheer power plus mountain bike controller

    I have an Ancheer power plus mountain bike. The controller broke after 2 weeks of use. Original seller can't seem to get me a new one. Does anyone have contact info for Ancheer? Or know of a source for a controller that would work with this bike? I've seen some controllers on ebay for sale, but...
  6. M

    Component Manufacturing

    Hello everyone, I am part of a German team working on a study about urban mobility. After doing extensive research, we have been concentrating on electric bicycles. We are now analyzing the market of both traditional bicycles as well as pedelecs. At the moment we struggle to understand the...
  7. Barkme Wolf


    I am at 5000 miles and the Radwagon is shot. Can't go 100 mile without something going wrong. Not sure why my shiftier cable breaks all the time, tires have mystery flats, spokes break and bend..... I am out of money trying to keep up. I don't carry heavy cargo, I don't jump curbs ever, I take...
  8. Barkme Wolf

    12 gauge spokes

    My last post about spokes vanished. I am trying to buy 12 gauge spokes 244mm . The manufacturer wants 2 dollars a spoke. I want 100 spokes, 200 dollars for a handful of stainless steel seems like robbery. 12 gauge 244mm, want Sapim or another known brand. The manufacturer of my bike can not tell...
  9. A

    Bofeili e-bike crank replacement

    Hello, I recently bought a bofeili electric bicycle second hand. The crank fell off my bike on Friday and I'm not sure what to do. Can this bike part be replaced? Since bofeili is a chinese company I'm finding difficulty in navigating how to get a new crank. I'm a bit of a bike newb and don't...
  10. George S.

    What's a Warranty Worth?

    I was looking at the parts Eric sells, at Luna Cycle. He has tried to sell parts into the Sondors market. I was surprised to find this: Thing is, you don't deal with the spokes. You replace the motor inside the case...