12 gauge spokes

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My last post about spokes vanished. I am trying to buy 12 gauge spokes 244mm . The manufacturer wants 2 dollars a spoke. I want 100 spokes, 200 dollars for a handful of stainless steel seems like robbery. 12 gauge 244mm, want Sapim or another known brand. The manufacturer of my bike can not tell me what brand they are supplying, they said I would need to e-mail them because only the owner knows. Called wheel builders in the area, no joy over the phone. Also was told by the manufacturer that the nipples are 13mm but they "assume" I can use 14mm instead, is that true?
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14mm nipples are too small, as 14G is 2.0 mm in diameter. I have some 12G spokes here, which are 2.5mm, and I think 13G is 2.3mm.

I have ordered 12G spokes from China with nipples for like $36 for 36 spokes, but it's like a three week wait. You should be able to get 36 12G or 13G spokes for similar price from US vendors on ebay much faster. The vendor I used for my last spoke buy was yojimbo's garage, an ebay seller. He cuts them and ships the next day. He'll charge you $about 26 shipped for 36 12G spokes, but I don't see any 12G nipples on his ebay site.

My last two builds were small motors, and I felt that 14G-13G double butted Saphim spokes would be best. Those are like a dollar each.
As someone in the industry I know it can be difficult to come by 12 or 13 gauge spokes. There used to be some US suppliers but most of them aren't offering them. You might need to order from China or go the eBay route if you want a deal, but be careful with the quality.

Frankly I'm going to check out that yojimbo guy for when the OEM's are out.