Where Can I Find Lectric 2.0 Rear Spokes?

Anvil Jr.

New Member
My 2.0 just crossed 500 miles and I broke 4 rear spokes. I was bad and never checked the spoke tension periodically. I have learned my lesson.

I’m having a heck of a time finding replacement rear spokes. Lectric is only interested in selling me a $300 rear wheel. They don’t sell spokes which I’m finding out are a special size. These are the specs they sent me:

12 Gauge, Stainless Steel, Black
Nipple size: 4.2mm
Diameter: 2.6mm
Tension: 50-80 kilogram force *1kgf=10newtons
Front wheel length: 173mm
Rear wheel length: 128mm

Any ideas about where to find replacements? I can’t believe this is so hard. These are very popular bikes.
I have bought several sets of spokes from this ebay seller. He's in downstate Illinois. The referenced item isn't black, but you can contact him to see if he has your two lengths in black. You'll probably have to buy more than 4, but so what.

Thanks! I sent them a message. If black isn’t available I could always spray them or just leave them silver.
BTW, they do come in black. The item number for those is 266548837441. I ordered a set.

Thanks again.