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  • Hi Harry, Nope, no bikes allowed to drive across that bridge. Motorcycles yes, no problem. If your bike could maintain 50 mph then maybe. I believe that they have a van that carries bikes and riders across. There is an annual swim across, 9 miles and some people consider that quite doable.
    Also we have some nice bike paths but sadly e-bikes not that popular here.
    Nice to hear from you. Don (Old Don}
    Thanks you for details etc, it seems things are not as easy as I thought! I bought the bike in a sorry state after it had been used by teenagers off road, but it ran ok after new batteries can you email me direct at [email protected]
    Thanks for the info Harry. It turns out the battery is only a year and a half old, however, it was on the cheaper end of the the 48v battery packs $353. I don't use the pedal assist, so on the digital display I set it to 5.....also, I hear there is a way to bypass the BMS
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