1. Tbone

    Charger GX - Alexrims MD40 spoke, wheel rim issue

    Approaching 12000km and over three years of use on my R&M Charger GX and while giving it a good clean the other day I noticed these hair-line cracks in the Alexrims. Obviously I need new wheels and am now facing the reality, after initial search of what/where/which wheels to buy... how the heck...
  2. BrianMura

    CCX Spoke Tension for Front and Rear?

    Hey CCX fans, Does anybody know what the recommended spoke tension should be on the front and rear wheels on the CCX? Or alternatively, does anybody know the rim model so we could look up the spoke tension? I asked Juiced, but they did not answer yet. Thank you, -Brian
  3. eqptxjimmy

    Causes for spokes coming off? 2-week old Magnum Metro+

    Hey guys, Had this bike for about two weeks, so far I've rode it for 150 miles and haven't had any complications. Yesterday, I was making a left turn on the street. I rode up to the red light, when it turned green I accelerated on the turn and than pedaled mid turn. As I pedaled, I felt the...
  4. christob

    Broken spokes (2 in 15 days) - followup questions

    Hi folks; During June, I've had 2 spokes break on the rear hub wheel. The first broke a week into riding the new bike. The second (about half way around the wheel from the first) broke this week. Each time, they sheared off exactly at the point where the spoke exits the nipple on the rim...
  5. christob

    Loose spokes?

    Hi; A few questions about spokes... Could loose spokes be a culprit for a recurring rhythmic "squeak/chirp" kind of noise, coming from the rear hub wheel? The repetition of the sound speeds up and slows down as I speed up and slow down, and happens whether pedaling or coasting, and with or...
  6. Jean.Petr

    lacing a motor hub, spokes and watch outs

    Hi All, newbie here! I'm sure this topic has been well discussed elsewhere on this forum so maybe someone can send me the thread, wheel lacing! I'm getting a MAC front motor (12T) and intend to get it laced into a 26" rim for my mountain bike. I won't try this myself (beyond my skill set!) and...
  7. Barkme Wolf

    Best Day!

    Had to take my RadWagon into Rad Power because my battery mount was slipping. Getting it back today and from what they say, they have done me R-I-G-H-T! I think they are hooking me up with new spokes and a tune up along with the battery fix. My spokes were trashed after 2,800 miles in the first...
  8. Barkme Wolf

    12 gauge spokes

    My last post about spokes vanished. I am trying to buy 12 gauge spokes 244mm . The manufacturer wants 2 dollars a spoke. I want 100 spokes, 200 dollars for a handful of stainless steel seems like robbery. 12 gauge 244mm, want Sapim or another known brand. The manufacturer of my bike can not tell...
  9. Barkme Wolf

    HELP! Need to buy spokes

    I need to re thread my rear wheel and am having much trouble finding new spokes. Last time I tried to let my LBS order something for me they did the old bait and switch (I didn't fall for it though) so I want to order them myself. This is for a rear wheel with a hub motor on the Radwagon (Link...
  10. Barkme Wolf

    Spoke Help

    I have a Radwagon and the rear spokes have been wearing out very quickly. I have been getting replacement spokes from the manufacturer but I want to try something else. Currently I am looking at Sapim Strong spokes but do not know what I need. I want the strongest spokes available but read...
  11. P

    Spoke Length?

    Hoping someone here can help me with getting the spoke length right for a P 350 DL in a Surly Rolling Darryl rim with an ERD of 542. If it helps this is not the latest P 350 - it's set up for a freewheel - splines and not the current model threaded cassette. There are a couple of spoke...
  12. W

    Evo 29er rear wheel spokes

    Does anyone know the specs for the spokes and nipples for the rear wheel on the Evo 29er. I've had one break recently and the shop I got the bike from didn't have any in stock and were unable to find an exact match here in NZ, so they have replaced it with a 14g spoke with a washer instead of a...
  13. P

    Radwagon 12G spokes and nipples. Available from Rad Power.

    I recently spotted a few damaged nipples on my new Radwagon. Rad Power is sending me a few spoke/nipple sets under warranty and informs me that front and rear replacement spokes are now available for 2.00 per spoke/nipple pair. The 12G spokes on the Radwagon are a real pain to deal with if you...
  14. P

    Radwagon rear spoke tension adjustment

    I have about 300 miles on my Radwagon and I have been having trouble with loose spokes on the rear wheel. I weigh about 200 pounds and my wife is about 110 pounds. Well within the 350 pound limit but driving around with her on the back has caused the spokes to loosen considerably. I tightened...