Ancheer power plus mountain bike controller


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I have an Ancheer power plus mountain bike. The controller broke after 2 weeks of use. Original seller can't seem to get me a new one. Does anyone have contact info for Ancheer? Or know of a source for a controller that would work with this bike? I've seen some controllers on ebay for sale, but I've heard horror stories of receiving them with no wiring diagrams and/or having to do a lot of klugey splicing. Any help would be appreciated!
Have you tried to see if this vendor will sell you a controller? Looks like he sells your bike. Maybe he can sell you a part.

Otherwise, while most generic controllers will run your motor, odds are the connectors will be different, and this is no fun for a novice. I've bought about a half dozen models. None of them had wire diagrams though. I had to pull them off the website or ebay listing,