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Surprised that there hasn't already been a thread on the new Pinion MGU motor/gearbox combo.
I think it's been something a fair number of people were expecting for some time now.

1687369534917.png has a first ride report which reports mostly good things. Oddly, it seems that technical climbs are one of the weak spots, or maybe it's a matter of getting used to the shifting in the new system.


The company is reporting that a 10 minute oil change every 10,000km is about all the maintenance it will need.

Can be used with a carbon or traditional chain, and will have both 12 and 9 gear options (600% and 564% ratios respectively, with even stepping)
Looks like it's comparable to the Shimano EP8 in size, but with less rounded edges (there's an overlay on the website that looks like the EP8).




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This was brought up and discussed in another thread below,

but thank you for opening a dedicated thread, it deserves one!
Found my next ebike
The 568% gearrange is overkill considering 11-46t cassette is about 440% and more than enough for trekking bike with loaded trailer or 45kmhr commuter. Going to 400-450% would give smaller jumps between gears. NB also have 600% 12spd version.
On plus side should be able to ride home unassisted if battery goes flat.

They complain about weight and price but its comparable to Rohloff bike with 750wh battery.

Once other motor manufacturers like Bosch, Brose and Shimano product MGU then prices should come down a bit.
Shimano have gearbox technology to develop MGU inhouse,. Bosch may have to partner with likes of Rohloff.
See Kettler Pinniato FS and Bulls Vuca EVO FSX

Thank you so much for that link, I had missed this latest review of FS step thru !!!

We may even have a chance at getting the Bull in the US...
If we do I think this will be it for my wife :)

They appear to have used the new cross lite Evo FS10 with the new pinion
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