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I have been working on a quick/fast and simple way to secure my Wart Hog bike,
while I am in the Post office or the store for a very short temporary time.

Option 1.
I was eyeing my OLD Honda Trail 90 system, turn the handle bars 90* to left,
and use the keyed lock to extend a steel plunger into a steel flat plate that is part of the fork system, thereby locking the handle bars, so that it cannot be turned/used.

Gave up on that Idea, as I did NOT know what the parts/spec's are of the head tube bearings, and what is inside the head tube etc, and went with Option 2.

Option 2.
This is a piece of hardened 3/8" diameter woven steel cable,
(this cable cannot be cut with HD side cutter pliers or a 2' long bolt cutters),
21" total overall length, with a swaged eyes at each end, to attach a Master padlock thru the eyelets.
Will be covered with HD Shrink tubing to reduce any scratching etc.

To use, I just run one end of the cable thru the top of the front fork and around the main cross bar, behind the front fork head tube, the handlebars are turned 90*degrees either left or right, and a padlock secures both end eyed ends together.
With the padlock secured, you cannot turn/straighten the handlebars to ride/drive away, so you'll have to drag a 100lb bike away.

Plus, if you mess with my bike, a very sensitive and LOUD alarm will be going off,
and you won't like the reception you'll get from me.
Photo's to follow.

Which brand alarm are you using?

Do you live in a high bike theft area?
I thought most bike theives today prefer a cordless grinder. Noisy, but it will cut through your setup in 30 seconds or less.
All you can do is hope the thieves are too lazy, and move on to an easier "mark", or maybe at least slow them down. I seldom leave my bike unattended. It's the world we live in. Way back in the late 1960's, some prick stole my 3 speed Schwinn Stingray. I was probably 10 years old. I've never forgotten that, I hope the guy got what was coming to him. You shouldn't do that to a kid.
They cut the bike rack you're locking to... Typically very soft metal
I can tell your from a big city, lock it to a Bike Rack? Ha HA Ha,
We only have Power poles/Elm trees/ and step railings to lock to,
at 9pm, if you are on the sidewalks,
you'll be there, till/when they unroll the sidewalks, in the AM.
1 stop lite in the middle of town.................
Cow County and proud of it.
The guys that steal scooters here (150 lb) use a van to haul them away. No market for used ebikes here yet, although I've seen two trek/bosch bikes this summer. I lock to power poles, gas meters, live AC conduits, cart racks.
Upgrade to the Abus 92/80 lock for $47. Shank is 12 mm instead of 5/16" for master, and rotates as the grinder touches it. Should delay cutthrough to 90 seconds, anyway.
I use a 3/8" Stainless sling, 6', which is even harder to cut than mild steel. Don't know where you're getting a "hardened steel sling": sells mild steel and stainless steel. When I go into high crime areas I use a 1/2" x 6' SS sling, which is even tougher to cut than the 3/8". Doesn't roll into the pannier well, though. Mcmaster sells a "Stainless capable" cable cutter that will cut it in 2 seconds, but it is $300.
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Every lock is defeatable the best we can do is prevent a quick snatch and grab. Where we park and for how long is probably nthe most important preventative measure. where I live and park shopping a grinder would draw a lot of attention. I try to find cameras to park in their view. And I insure the bike I use for shopping and errands l