extra large rear basket for mid/long tail cargo bike (for medium sized dog)


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I posted a while back about transporting cargo bikes:

(1) Transporting Cargo eBikes (specially Dutch style) | Electric Bike Forums - Q&A, Help, Reviews and Maintenance (electricbikereview.com)

This was for my parents who are exploring new eBikes to take their medium sized dog on cycling adventures with them (the dog is a Cavoodle so not massive, but not a cat sized dog either)

they test rode the R&M Load but it was too big for them, so they're now thinking getting a mid-tail Cargo bike like the Multicharger Mixte (which my wife has already).

They want to put a dog basket on the back and were thinking of building their own crate that could go within the child restraint bars (they test drove one like this and the LBS owner had this for his young son to sit in for the commute to school)


I thought a large MIK dog basket would be a better option as would allow easier removal of the basket for transporting and also open up options for my mum to sit on the back if she wanted with my dad riding.

the largest MIK system rear dog basket I could find was:

Basil Pasja Large Pet Bike Basket MIK (inc MIK Adaptor Plate) (gearshop.co.nz)

But they think it might be still too small.

Does anyone have any experiences with good sized baskets that could fit a dog on the back of a Multicharger?

Buy the MIK adapter plate, which they can then fix to any sized dog basket they want.

Alternately, tow the dog in a trailer which may be a safer option, balance wise.

thanks DiggyGun - good to understand the versatility of MIK adaptor plate.

They test rode the MultiCharger and think it's likely to be too heavy for them to transport around - back to the drawing board!

They could look at the Nevo, that has the MIK rack.

A more normal sized and style bike and they have a smaller frame (43cm) option, which Mrs DG has.

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