20,000 in just over 17 months

Ken S

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I passed the 20,000 km last Friday on my Xu700 which happened to be bike to work week out here at a few days over 17 months of riding.

Some figured I'd break some record for distance on a ebike, but apparently some vacationing Aussies hit 22,000 last week in Europe on their Haibike's. I may catch up if they ever go back to work.

Would be interesting to see their maintenance records for their distances, -those center drive bikes can put a lot of wear and tear on drive train if not over built for it, while the Ohm's hub drive system avoids this. I'm only on my second chain (changed at 10,000), and it is showing minimal wear and "slop", same with the cassette and front sprocket. Everything else is still as tight as it was, and even the brake pads hardly ever have to be replaced with the regen braking.

Almost frustrating as there was nothing to buy....

But I got talked into something that I would not normally go for:

The ultimate seat post: The Body Float by Cirrus Cycles system is really IT. I upgraded from a stem based spring about a month ago and I can't get over the comfort. If you spend a lot of time in or on the saddle every day it is worth it.