1. Barkme Wolf

    Regenerative Breaking Question

    Radwagon Owner Do I understand this correctly - Regenerative breaking is initiated when the break lever is triggered but the "breaks" are not generating any of the energy (unlike in regen cars where the breaks are essentially the generators- with the back up of disc breaks for stopping). The...
  2. R

    Cadence sensor toggle switch

    I have a RadCity that as far as I can tell, has regenerative braking, charges the battery while costing and going down hills without pedaling. The problem is that there is no way to charge the battery while pedaling. I think that all I need to do is add a switch to the cadence sensor. With...
  3. M

    Regen on EBikes

    I would like to see a discussion about EBike Regen features. I like to ride my mountain bike in mountainous terrain and I can't imagine that any EBike battery could last for 3 or 4 hours out there. Since I spend a lot of time going downhill it seems like having an EBike with regen is a must have...
  4. Ken S

    20,000 in just over 17 months

    I passed the 20,000 km last Friday on my Xu700 which happened to be bike to work week out here at a few days over 17 months of riding. Some figured I'd break some record for distance on a ebike, but apparently some vacationing Aussies hit 22,000 last week in Europe on their Haibike's. I may...