1. uncledustcomedy

    Can I bypass Aventon Zoom brakes w/ power cut off

    Stripped the rear Zoom brake oil drain bolt on second removal while attempting a bleed off an Aventon Aventure1 & bought a low end Zoom rear hydraulic brake to replace but it doesn't have the " cut off pin connector " . Question or questions is . 1. Can I remove this cut off cable without an...
  2. D

    Sondors changed brakes on new Rockstars.

    Just received my Rockstar. It looks like they changed the brakes. No longer Tektro brakes. No brand name on the new ones. Will have to see how they do once I get a chance to ride in spring.
  3. B

    New Bike with that gurgling brake noise.

    My new Ride1Up 700 has that weird brake noise on my rear wheel - often described as gurgling or underwater or toilet flushing. Several threads here and elsewhere about the issue with some reporting success changing the pad material - but not really explaining why only some bikes have the issue...
  4. owelt

    My Custom Upgrades to Stromer ST2 and ST5 (Silent brakes,Tubeless, dropper suspension post, shimano brake caliper, 11-51 cassette)

    I have owned a stromer ST5 for 8000km since 2018 and wanted to share some modifications, i wish i knew were possible when i got this bike 2 years ago. My first Upgrade was a PNW coast suspension dropper post. I was not satisfied how ugly the bodyfloat looked and performed, and how springy it...
  5. Dmitri

    Brakes advice?

    I'm currently thinking of upgrading my brakes and specifically looking at the quad piston ones. I was wondering whether anyone here can give any advice or experiences as to the kind of brakes that you've used as you upgraded your bikes. So far, I have experience with Magura MT2, MT5, Deore...
  6. S

    Motor system, controller, brake and display supplier

    This is Steven from Suzhou Tongsheng Bicycles, China. Specialized in controller, brake, display and motor system-both mid motor and hub motor, with over 20 years, located in Jiangsu province, China. Have two office in Europe, and will have one office in USA in future, provide good service to...
  7. Steve Wehba

    Problems with ST2S

    I've had an ST1 for a couple of years. I commute on it, and now have around 10K miles on it. Still works fine, but I was interested in the ST2S because I wanted better brakes, better shifting, smart phone connectivity, and better distance. Now having bought an ST2S and ridden it for about a...
  8. Denis Shelston

    Brake fluid: Mineral Oil

    A picture that @america94 posted showed his new light, but it also showed the brake handle and its fluid reservoir. The label show Mineral Oil. Interesting. Anyone has any insight on maintenance, how do you fill it up, probably using a dropper. Bleeding, probably. Can good quality Olive Oil be...
  9. James Kohls

    BOSCH Brings Anti-Lock Brakes to eBikes

    BOSCH Brings Anti-Lock Brakes to eBikes
  10. topcatken

    2013 and 2014 Izip Dash brakes

    I rode both Dash bikes for 2000 miles each. The brakes were constantly needing adjustment, and noisy. Finally I replaced the stock Shimano brakes with Sram BB7s. No problems, no noise. Very pleased with the result.
  11. mattbytes

    Adjusting Pistons for Brake Rub on Formula C1 (Turbo X)

    Looking for pointers on adjusting the pistons on the Formula C1 hydraulic brakes. My problem is the brake pads are still rubbing agains the rear disc. I've had some moderate success trying to fix it, but there is still some rubbing. I have tried to reset the pistons but the problem is, when I...
  12. Will Hunter

    SF Bay Area Maintenance

    Hi All I recently got a Rad City, which has been a lot of fun. However, there are couple things that I think i'd like checked out by a professional. I assembled the bike after it arrived in the box. The back wheel came already attached, to the frame, but I am concerned the disk brake isn't...
  13. Chris P

    Radwagon Renegerative Braking activates without engaging brakes

    This evening, I was riding down a long gradual hill and halfway down the regenerative brakes engaged which made it really hard to keep a decent speed. I wasn't pressing the brake levers (I even tapped on them a few times, but that didn't help). After I stopped at a light, and started up again...
  14. R

    Radmini weight and potential issues with removing front wheel

    Hi, I'm considering buying a RadMini, but am concerned about the weight. It is listed as 61 lbs, but I would like to know how much it weighs when both the front and rear carrier racks are removed, the battery is removed, and the front wheel is removed. This would, I think, be the minimum weight...
  15. Ken S

    20,000 in just over 17 months

    I passed the 20,000 km last Friday on my Xu700 which happened to be bike to work week out here at a few days over 17 months of riding. Some figured I'd break some record for distance on a ebike, but apparently some vacationing Aussies hit 22,000 last week in Europe on their Haibike's. I may...
  16. D

    Brake calliper rubs on the hub motor

    i got a new hub motor and i tried to install my existing rotors to it, but the space between the rotor and the hub is too small so my calliper rubs on the hub.. .i have 160mm rotors and avid juicy 7 callipers on a 2008 trek fuel ex 9
  17. Jz1276

    Need some help with these...

    Hi again! My question this time is regarding hydraulic disc brakes. On my Cannondale I have hydraulic disc brakes and I had to purchase the special magnetic sensor kit for the engine cut off while stopping. When ordering them I also came across these with your picture below and I bought them...