1344Wh fat tire bike Frey EX-FAT is coming with a promo price for a month, saving up to 1700 USD!


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The original web: Frey EX FAT Intro: 1500W Full-Suspension Fat Tire E-bike for Your Hunting& Fishing Tour

Frey has released a new bike model named Frey EX-FAT, the fat tire version of Frey EX Pro, which is based on the outlook and premium performance of the EX Pro, it is even more to meet your fat tire needs.​

As a fat-tire e-bike, it shares the same 1344Wh ultra-long-range battery as the Frey EX Pro, providing consistent power support for your journey. Its powerful M620 mid-drive motor, equipped with both PAS and throttle assistance, ensures you a high speed. With full suspension, it gives you a comfortable and safe riding experience.

SPECS (The info is being updated now)

Motor: BaFang M620 1000W system, 160Nm

Battery: Dual Battery 48V/28AH (1344WH)

Charger: Output 54.6V/3A, AC100-240V

Frame: 6061#alloy, fat bike, trail geometry, full bearings

Fork: Inverted Fat Bike Air Suspension Fork

Rear Shock: Rockshox Monarch air suspension shock, 200mm travel

Stem: Alloy, 50mm length

Handlebar: Alloy, 25mm rise, 780mm, 31.8mm clamp

Wheelset: 26" double-wall alloy rims for fat bike

Tires: CST 26*4.8"fat tires

Brakes: Tektro HD E730 4-piston 203/203mm

Drivetrain: 9s

Max. speed: 55km/s

Max. Payload: 340lbs

Size: M, L, XL

Multiple functions:

FREY EX FAT retains some electric mountain bike components from EX Pro, allowing it to excel not only on snow and sand, but also adapt to various terrains like mountains, off-road trails, and rough roads. Of course, it's equally on city and suburban paved roads.

Frey EX FAT is made for conquering rugged terrains like trails, dirt paths, and rocky surfaces, providing stability and traction.

Snow& Beach: Fat tires effortlessly glide over sandy beaches, making them ideal for beachside rides. Also, Frey EX-FAT offers great traction on snowy and icy surfaces, enabling winter rides and commuting.

Hunting & Fishing: Load up all your hunting and fishing gear, and let the bike throttle set your speed free.

Touring: Long-distance travel becomes more comfortable with the stability and load-carrying capacity of Frey EX FAT.

Commuting: With its comfortable ride and ability to handle urban obstacles, Frey EX-FAT is suitable for daily commuting on roads and city streets.


FREY chooses premium components to ensure that your e-bike delivers perfect performance at an affordable price.

1. Bafang Motor:

Peak power 1500W, max torque 160NM, PAS& Throttle Assistance.

2. Battery:

Long Range 1344Wh design, made for your journey.

3. Frame:

The strong 6061# aluminum alloy material and MTB professional design make your riding safer and more reliable.

4. Inverted Fat Bike Suspension Fork:

Unparalleled off-road comfort and smoothness for your riding experience.

5. RockShox Rear Shock:

200mm travel, all-terrain bike type, superior performance, and enhanced control.

6. CST Fat Tire:

Reliable performance for riding on all terrains and conditions.

What's the difference between EX-FAT & EX Pro?

Tires: The key distinction between the EX Pro and EX FAT lies in the tires. EX FAT is equipped with fat tires, which deliver exceptional traction across diverse terrains including snow, sand, mud, and rough roads. This fat tire bike broadens your options for outdoor exploration!

Transmission: The EX Pro features an 11-speed transmission, while EX FAT features a 9-speed system. The 9-speed system has advantages in low-speed and high-torque riding and meets the demands of fat-tire electric bikes.

Front Fork: Frey EX-FAT has an inverted front fork, offering enhanced payload capacity and superior anti-brake dive effect. This design is particularly well-suited for fat-tire bikes, catering to their specific application scenarios.

All in all, Frey EX-FAT boasts a long-range battery capacity and high-quality components made for your versatile needs of hunting, fishing, long-distance travel, etc. Frey EX-Fat stands out as a truly high-quality fat tire electric bike compared to other full-suspension fat bikes on the market. It retains the advantages of mountain biking while catering even more to your fat tire needs, making you fall in love with it.

In gratitude for your love for FREY, we're now offering FREY EX-FAT at a special limited-time price from August 10th to September 10th, with savings of up to 1700 USD!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your outdoor experiences.

Grab the EX-FAT now: Frey EX-FAT On Sale!

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What kind of PAS — cadence-sensing, torque-sensing, or something even more sophisticated?