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    1344Wh fat tire bike Frey EX-FAT is coming with a promo price for a month, saving up to 1700 USD!

    The original web: Frey EX FAT Intro: 1500W Full-Suspension Fat Tire E-bike for Your Hunting& Fishing Tour Frey has released a new bike model named Frey EX-FAT, the fat tire version of Frey EX Pro, which is based on the outlook and premium performance of the EX Pro, it is even more to meet your...
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    Looking for Suggestions on an ebike for hunting

    Hello All. I am new to the ebike world, actually new to biking in general haven’t been on one in a long while. I’m looking for help in choosing an ebike for hunting. Looking in the $2500 and under price range. I probably won’t use the bike a ton, just need it to help get me back in the woods a...