Yamaha Cross Connect stem change?


I’ve been riding my Yamaha Cross Connect for a couple of years now and really love it, even more so after changing the seat and getting a suspension seatpost, and am now thinking about raising the bars a bit and perhaps moving them back a little by changing the stem.

Does anyone recommend a particular stem (size, angle, brand) that can be used to replace the original on this bike (large frame). Would an adjustable stem be feasible? Are there any restrictions on stem length or angle due to cable length limitations? Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated.
Fortunately, stems aren't that expensive (I buy mine off of Amazon).
When contemplating a stem switch consider if you want the bars farther away from you and/or if you want the handle bar to be higher.
Example: if your original bar is 70mm and you want to move the handle bar closer to you can go with an 60 or 50mm stem. Next, if you want more height you can go with a stem with more rise.
Don't pay a lot for a new stem. Amazon or ebay is a good source.
Agreed - any stem will do. Bringing the bars closer will have the effect of making steering tighter as well. Keep in mind that even the smallest adjustments can have a fairly large impact. If you buy from Amazon that also makes for easy returns, so I wouldn't worry too much - just get something that fits and maybe even try out a few different options to see what works best!