Trek Allant+ 8S Stem Woes


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Due to changing health, I wanted to raise my handlebar to relieve strain on my shoulders. Ordered a Santori adjustable handlebar stem from Amazon, delivered yesterday. Unfortunately, due to the odd way Trek mounts the headlight on the 8s, it wouldn't fit - the headlight band on the bar keeps the bar from seating in the stem. :(
Fortunately I didn't lose any parts from the original stem, and got it back on with only some hassle. Ordered a stem riser which should arrive Saturday. (no one day Amazon delivery in rural SW NH - we're lucky if we get 2 day...)

Stay tuned and be forewarned....a stem swap isn't hard if it fits...
it is funky but the light can be mounted to the bar like a normal setup we have one on our tandem that way.
Problems are: 1. space on the bar 2. thickest part is in the middle, you'd need a bushing and 3. The wires to the light are pretty short.
there is plenty of wire on my bike to move it over a couple of inches if you pop it out of the wrap. this is on my tandem its design lets it butt up against the mount.