Parting out Yamaha cross connect


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I am reaching out to inform you that I am currently in the process of parting out my Yamaha Cross Connect. While most components are in good condition, I am facing a slight issue with the battery that I believe can be easily rectified.

The main problem lies with the two connectors on the circuit board of the battery. Despite my efforts to solder them back on, I have been encountering an error code flashing consistently. However, please note that the battery itself is not damaged, as it was functioning properly just a few months back. I suspect that there might be a small error in my soldering technique that is causing this issue.

As I am looking to sell all parts of the bike at reasonable prices, this includes the motor, display, battery, forks, wheels, and other miscellaneous components. If you are interested in any of these parts or have any queries regarding pricing or availability, please feel free to contact me via email at [email protected].

I am more than happy to provide you with detailed information and answer any questions you may have, to the best of my ability and with complete honesty. Your interest is highly appreciated, and I look forward to potentially assisting you with any of your requirements related to the Yamaha Cross Connect parts.

Thank you for your attention, and I await your response.

Warm regards,


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