xduro fullseven rc drive sprocket size

stephen gibson

New Member
I would like to increase the max speed on my bike. I am very new, have stock bike, is it just a case of changing the drive sprocket and if so what would people recommend? Will it have any detrimental effect on the motor? I am talking about road speed downhill, currently maxing at 30mph peddling like hell, 20-30% would be good

thanks in advance
Drive sprocket would make a difference, think I have a 18th tooth on ine and max out at about 40+mph which is enough if you come off the bike!. I've seen sprockets up to 22 teeth plus but of course this will have an impact on your climbing ability also. Try and strike a good balance. I think another member said you should buy a generic make and not haibike ones that are seriously over priced. Have a look at other posts. Try and strike a balance between up hill and down hill abilities. On my non -ebike down hill I managed 57mph and for me that was somewhat stupid and scary!