Still Happy with my Zurich


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I have had the EG Zurich 350 ix since April of 2014. Mainly I have used the bike mostly for commuting to and from work. I would say this bike has been a great investment. I ride non-electric bikes on group/club rides. Often there is a bit of a snicker when I mention my perspective on the value of e-bikes. The fact is, riding an e-bike has helped me condition my non-electric cycling to a higher cadence, and that has translated into better performance when using non-electric bikes. My club buddies have noticed my stamina has been enhanced since I started commuting electric. Seemed like a good reason to check-in with my e-bike friends.
Here are my EG Zurich stat totals since April 2014:
Num Rides: 190
Distance (miles): 3,327.66
Ride Time (hh:mm:ss): 190:31:35
Max Speed (mph): 36.30
Average Speed (mph): 17.57
I keep track of my rides with a Garmin Edge 200 on
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