Some Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 questions before I purchase it.


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Greeting everyone,

I'm thinking about purchasing the Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 e-bike and have a few questions.

My first set of questions are about the weight of the bike. Can I remove the battery to reduce the weight enough so I can actually lift it up and down some stairs to take it outside and back inside? Can the front wheel also be easily removed to further reduce the weight of the bike? If so how much would the bike weigh with the battery and front wheel removed?

My second set of questions are about the display screen. Can the display screen be removed and put back on the bike so it won't be damaged when I need to load it into my SUV? Can the bike be operated without the screen?

Thanks in advance.

The XP3 is a wonderful bike for an amazing price, but you're asking for something that it's not. First of all it weighs over 60 lb, you take out the battery and it may at best be down to low 50's. I suppose you could put quick disconnect on the front axle and take off the front wheel. The display cannot be easily removed, and the bike will not work without it. There are e-bikes that are meant for extreme portability, such as the Brompton at $4K+ but very small and easily taken on board a bus or a train or up stairs. The Lectric 3.0 ain't one of them.
Thanks for the reply. Looks like the 2.0 will be a better one for me because of the weight. I currently have a Zizzo folding bike that weighs 27 pounds so maybe taking out the battery from the 2.0 will make the bike weight closer to what I already have. Do you know if the 2.0 is able to go up hills with throttle only?
Dorkyman nailed it. I have a XP 3.0 and its a monster to load once folded, heavy and cumbersome. The front wheel isn't very easy to remove but if you do put the shim in the front brake caliper. I've never hit my display screen and my stem is even flipped on my XP. Note that most every ebike with fat tires will have a fat weight as well. I think you mean the XP Lite and not the older XP 2.0, at least I hope that's what you meant. I live in a flat area so I have no hill climb experience.

A friend has a Brompton, or is it a higer end Dahon?, but it makes my XP look like a cheap toy. Price reflects quality for sure! But as mentioned the XP is a great introduction to smaller folding ebikes. I still love mine but it doesn't get ridden much since I purchased a Xpedition. The XP is now a loaner.