1. rleiman

    Some Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 questions before I purchase it.

    Greeting everyone, I'm thinking about purchasing the Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 e-bike and have a few questions. My first set of questions are about the weight of the bike. Can I remove the battery to reduce the weight enough so I can actually lift it up and down some stairs to take it outside...
  2. GirlFriday715

    Front handle bar wobble

    I recently converted my Electra Ticino 7D into an ebike with a bafang mid drive conversion and a shark rear battery mount. Dcp18 display. The bike has cantilever brakes and 26" tires. If I take the battery out of the back rack, the bike rides smoothly. When I put the battery back in, but don't...
  3. G

    The lightest e-bikes (not folding) -- can't decide which one is the best

    Hello! I have been a bike commuter for almost 7 years. I enjoy each 5-mile ride (one way) but admittedly there are days that I leave my office totally exhausted or sick or days that I don’t want to break a sweat in that hilly ride (ok, it’s not that hilly but…) Anyway, I’ve been looking for a...
  4. aprilroses

    Looking for ebike recommendations for 250lb commuter

    Hey everyone, So I've recently decided to invest in an ebike to help with my commute to college and work. It'll only be used up to around 20 miles total a day on mostly flat, paved streets. I'm interested in a model that has the option to run off of the battery alone for awhile rather than...
  5. R

    Radmini weight and potential issues with removing front wheel

    Hi, I'm considering buying a RadMini, but am concerned about the weight. It is listed as 61 lbs, but I would like to know how much it weighs when both the front and rear carrier racks are removed, the battery is removed, and the front wheel is removed. This would, I think, be the minimum weight...