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Hey everyone,

So I've recently decided to invest in an ebike to help with my commute to college and work. It'll only be used up to around 20 miles total a day on mostly flat, paved streets. I'm interested in a model that has the option to run off of the battery alone for awhile rather than peddle-assist only. I think that 500w should be more than enough to get me around.

Unfortunately I can't really afford to spend more than $1000 which I realize limits my options. That's okay though, because it really doesn't need to be anything that fancy. I just need a basic, reliable ebike that can help drive my fat ass around, lol.

Thank you for any and all suggestions!
Given the carrying load, I think you might be disappointed with anything under these minimum specs: 500w/48v/20a system. Try the PAS 250w/36v/15a mid-drive bikes to see what I mean. On your budget you might look for an inexpensive Bafang BBS02 build (750w/48v/25a with a throttle) if you want a mid drive. The advantages of a HUB motor are that they have more power, they are less expensive and easy to find in 500w/48v/20 configurations, and most have a throttle which allows larger riders to better control the amount of assist the motor gives you when you need it. They have less climbing torque than a mid-drive which leverages power with the gearing, while a Hub motor system runs on the motor with the addition of your pedaling (so you can add power but not leverage power).
They have less climbing torque than a mid-drive which leverages power with the gearing,

You may have bought into the whole marketing blurb!
See this video. The Focus Aventura S10 advertises 80Nm of torque and even with a powerful rider and heavy pedaling, it won't match a finely tuned hub motor.
Yes it will climb better at slow speeds or on very long hills but I find it amusing that people simply brush aside a certain technology without experiencing it.

What about something like a Sondors eBike? Aren't they pretty budget priced under $1000?

Or you could push your budget for a RADpower Rover ($1499) or Voltbike Yukon 750 ($1429)?

I just mention these due to the good reviews I've read about them.
You may have bought into the whole marketing blurb!
OP on a $1k budget and your posting Stromer/Focus comparison vid? (LOL) I was recommending the hub motor in case you misread my comment; and a mid drive does have more climbing torque than most hub motors; try that Stromer on a 15% grade without the motor eventually turning into a space heater.:oops:
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Interestingly, he says he riding on relatively flat ground, so I don't know why there's a discussion about mid vs hub drive for hills here.

I suggested the Sondors, RAD Rover, and Voltbike Yukon because they all meet his needs and have a throttle for when he doesn't want to pedal.
I like the suggestion of Volt or Rad Power bikes in the 4" fat tire, commuter, or folding ebike configurations. Sondors price is right; but, seemed under-powered for the type of riding I like to do (and my max weight limit). I would start looking around for an used bike first because they would be well within your $1000 or less price range. I'm +260lbs now (started out at 280 lbs). I'm probably pushing +300lbs with rack+rack bag, commuter backpack, and bike accessories on my Radrover. Zero issues with level ground maintaining 17-20 mph and hill climbing with the Radrover for a +20 mile range (longer range if I can keep the PAS at 2-3 and lower head winds).

The good thing about Radrover throttle is it provides full 750w power in any PAS level (0-5) when needed. Really comes in handy when starting on an incline, need to get across an intersection quickly, need cruise control, or if you need to push your bike up stairs or really steep inclines. I added a cheap $5 plastic thumb thottle on top of the Radrover twist throttle for easier use:


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