1. rleiman

    Some Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 questions before I purchase it.

    Greeting everyone, I'm thinking about purchasing the Lectric XP Step-Thru 3.0 e-bike and have a few questions. My first set of questions are about the weight of the bike. Can I remove the battery to reduce the weight enough so I can actually lift it up and down some stairs to take it outside...
  2. Scarbs

    Turbo Vado SL wheel removal

    Hi, newby here. I have purchased a Turbo Vado SL and, when getting riding kit ready, notice that I don’t really know what tools I require to remove the wheels. Any ideas please?
  3. M

    Dt swiss rear wheel-Ex511,Dt350 boost

    Brand new rear wheel. Ex511 27.5 rim Dt350 boost hub 12 x 148. 6bolt disc Dt Swiss champion spokes Pick up North Vancouver or ship N. America$500 cad Custom wheel build service available
  4. M

    Component Manufacturing

    Hello everyone, I am part of a German team working on a study about urban mobility. After doing extensive research, we have been concentrating on electric bicycles. We are now analyzing the market of both traditional bicycles as well as pedelecs. At the moment we struggle to understand the...
  5. W

    Evo 29er rear wheel spokes

    Does anyone know the specs for the spokes and nipples for the rear wheel on the Evo 29er. I've had one break recently and the shop I got the bike from didn't have any in stock and were unable to find an exact match here in NZ, so they have replaced it with a 14g spoke with a washer instead of a...